New! Team Game for Building Strength and Cooperation

Catch Running Man Before He Gets Away
   Here is a team activity that school & college coaches, PE instructors and community event organizers will appreciate. The Running Man works for almost any age, from ages 5+ to adults and seniors, and does not require a high physical skill ability level to participate. Benefits: Wrist and forearm strength, teamwork, cooperation, communication skills, sports preparedness and cognition.

The running man consists of 2 dowels that are connected by rope. The object is to move the running man between the handles. Participants can run one directional sprint races or even relay races. One of the best aspects of the Running Man activity is its versatility: it can be played one-on-one, two-on-two, in teams with up to 24 players, as well as inside and outside.

Build Hand Strength & Cooperation Skills
In order to be successful, the players work together when performing team runs. Communication is the key to success. That’s why Running Man is a great way to boost team spirit and cooperative skills amongst your team.

While the muscular benefits of Running Man are easy to see – wrist and forearm toning, the long-term benefits of this game are plentiful. It’s a great training tool for sports such as baseball, gymnastics, rowing and tennis. And strengthening muscles in your arms is beneficial to typing, handwriting and other skills that require dexterity and control.

Transition the fun of Running Man to the discipline of working with free weights, racquets, rowing, baseball bats and more. Build your team for the next championship win!

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