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Accommodate Special Needs, Make Your Home and School Play-yard Fun for Everyone

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

It is easy to make your home backyard or school play-yard fun for kids of all ages and abilities. Fun is one of the key ingredients to any playground activity for kids. Spend five minutes at your local park on a sunny day and you’ll inevitably overhear the happy sounds of kids at play. But play systems – including slides, tunnels, activity panels and more – encourage a lot more than just fun: there’s learning at work in playground play, as well as the chance to include children of all abilities in this social pastime.

Indoor learning can be taken outdoors and your yard should promote rich opportunities for children with physical, cognitive, social-emotional, communicative and sensory disabilities to play alongside their peers so that the playground is fun for everyone. Here are 6 simple tips:

1) Instead of wood mulch or sand, consider surfacing the play-yard with surfacing made from recycled rubber. It is safe for kids and wheelchair accessible.
2) Make sure music and sound stations allow everyone to contribute sounds.
3) A simple slide, going up the climber and down the slide, allows repetitive experiences boosting confidence. 4) Ramps allow people with diverse abilities to access the play structure and to enjoy independently.

5) Do not forget Benches. They allow adult supervision as well as a place for children to rest and join play when they feel emotionally secure.
6) The accessible swing provides additional support so children can enjoy even when they are experiencing low energy levels.

Whether you are a mom, dad. PE teacher or coach, watch how your play-yard designs help your kids feel empowered to be: fair, included, smart, independent, safe, active and comfortable.

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