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Wondering How to Energize Large Group of Students? We Have an Answer

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Track Your Team Building Success
 School coaches and PE instructors can now create a super engaging team building activity perfect for very large groups! The new Challenge Tarp activity can include as many six teams of six to ten students each. In addition to team-building the activity teaches cooperation, eye-hand coordination and enhances upper body strength.

Skill Trac using the Challenge Tarp, consists of six nylon pathways that connect with a variety of shapes. Instead of focusing on a round parachute at the center of their group, players must focus on guiding a ball down narrow pathways. That takes a little extra teamwork capability! As does any parachuting activity, Skill Trac benefits team players by challenging them to cooperate with each other, boost their eye-hand coordination skills, and build their upper body strength. But the special benefit of playing with Skill Trac is that it stretches the mind and takes parachuting challenges to the next level.

Skill Trac meets the National Content Standards for Physical Education per the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. The included complimentary activity guide is broken into lead-up activities, basic large-group activities, and ways to make activities more dynamic.

Easy to set up and introduce to students, Skill Trac is any P.E. teacher’s dream come true.

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