New Indoor Fun Ideas for Cold Winter Days

How to trump the blizzard? Here are some fun indoor activities for all ages and abilities.

Kids with Special Needs:

Adapted Steeple Course Set
Features 60″ L X-Long Bars and Small Flat Hoops to provide more flexibility in configuring a course that can also be used by all children.

Kids 5+:

Activity Cubes
Roll the cubes and perform the action! These 18-oz coated vinyl cubes are printed with non-toxic inks. Filled with firm foam. Each measures 8″ x 8″. SPECIFY: Motion, Movement or Gymnastic Bears.

Active Kids of all Ages:

Activity Walking Trail
Create dozens of walking trails with one set! Set includes 12-35″ L blue walking boards and 4-13″-dia. red circular bases that connect to create a multitude of exciting balance challenges.

Adults with Special Needs:

Exciting Alternative To Horseshoes! Baggo is a completely self-contained horseshoes alternative. Everything you need is included in one easy-to-store, convenient pack. Features two oblong target boards with stands and a set of tossing beanbags.

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