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3 Smarts Outdoor Games for Camp Counselors and Coaches

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Octaband™ – 16 Arm

Grab hold of a group and grab on! Versatile activity takes the pressure off by letting each participant work at his/her own ability level. Colorful resistance-band “arms” encourage individualized movement as participants tug and pull. Bright center circle provides strong visual focus. 5 1/2″ hem at the end of each arm allows individuals with limited grasping ability to participate. Provides engaging opportunities for upper-extremity exercise, socialization, interaction, and cooperative group effort. Suitable for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels

Deluxe Three-Ply Kickball Set

Everything you need to get little ones in on a game of kickball! Set includes: two 8½”-dia. Three-Ply Playground Balls, one Rubber Throw-Down Base Set (three bases, one home plate and one pitching rubber), two Weighted Orange Cones to mark the foul line (12″), and one Mesh Equipment Bag for storage

Wheelchair Whirl

Encourages self-esteem through creative expression! Create spinning, twirling, flying masterpieces right from your wheelchair! Touch-fasten the Whirl¹s PVC wings to the wheelchair¹s armrests and attach the included color wheels to the wings polycarbonate rods. Then simply roll and watch the wheels turn for mobile artwork!

Wishing you lots of outdoor fun!

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